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Damn That DJ Made My Day

I'll just leave this here...

The living legend himself, The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff! Some routines you listen to, you are impressed, and you keep it moving. Some routines you listen to, and listen again, and again, and again! I can’t listen to Peter Piper by Run DMC anymore without this Jazzy Jeff’s CLASSIC routine coming to mind first. Every time I watch it, Jazzy Jeff doesn’t something new that makes me fall in love with this routine all over again. Beware, you may not be able to listen to Peter Piper regularly again. That’s real DJ stuff!

Serato also got a chance to sit down with Jazzy Jeff and pick his brain about deejaying, producing, RedBull Thre3style and the culture of deejaying. It is not often that you get insight from someone who has had as big of an impact on Hip Hop and music in general as Jazzy Jeff. Get to know the man behind the turntables and the mixer. Educate yourself on deejaying! Respect the DJ! Ha!

Key Quotes from DJ Jazzy Jeff:

“I really wanted to make my DJ sets sound like someone produced it in the studio. I think one of the best compliments, I used to get people to hear and live set and say he didn’t do that live.”

“People started becoming a lot more accepting of you playing a wider range of music at different times of the night. Like it doesn’t have to be specific, you can just throw something left field because everybody is used to iPods [Shuffle on iPod].”

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